HIV and the Church

World AIDS Day celebrates the progress being made in conquering the greatest pandemic in human history and commemorates over 30 million family and friends who have died. On December 1, “Getting to Zero!” is our commitment to keep fighting for the 34 million who live everyday with HIV&AIDS.

You’ll see “Getting to Zero!” expressed worldwide until 2015. While there is neither a vaccine or a cure for HIV&AIDS, the global goal is to get the number of:

  • New HIV infections to zero;
  • Children born HIV+ to zero;
  • AIDS-related deaths to zero;
  • People stigmatized by HIV&AIDS to zero; and…
  • Children in orphanages in Rwanda to zero.*

While it takes a gargantuan collaborative effort in science, medicine, social policy and human behavioral change to achieve this reality, the Church has a huge stake in this endeavor! We care because God cares.

On this site you will find valuable resources to help you take action and to equip your church to be able to participate in the Getting to Zero efforts!

Featured Resources

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Stories of people living with hiv&aids

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Austin | >play
David Miller | >play

Resources to equip & inspire your church

HIV 101 | >play
Why Care? | >play
CHURCH Motion Graphic | >play
Pastor Straton's Story | >play
START (Motion Graphic) | >play
Impact of HIV | >play
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