HIV and the Church

The HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church inspires and equips our congregation and others around the world to care for those affected by HIV and AIDS, both locally and globally. This year, the HIV/AIDS Initiative has the opportunity to be a light at the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA)—the largest gathering if HIV scientists, activists, and people living with and affected by AIDS in the U.S. from September 7-10.

Our presence at the conference will be an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and the work of the Church both locally and globally in the fight against HIV/AIDS with thousands of conference attendees. We will also be working with local area pastors interested in starting HIV ministries at their churches who will continue serving those living with HIV/AIDS in the D.C. area long after our team has left. The Washington D.C. area has some of the highest infection rates in the United States. Our hope is to bring pastors tools, training, and encouragement to aid them in the task set before them.

You can check out the ways that past teams have served at the International AIDS Conference by checking out these videos (2012) and (2014).


If you would like to be a part of this PEACE trip to outreach to the Conference in September, email us at for more info or call the HIV line at 949-609-8555.

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