HIV and the Church

After learning of his positive HIV status, Augustin at first was overcome by the shame of his diagnosis. Though he struggled at first to even take his medication in front of his family, he eventually learned that he could find hope, community, and support through his local church. He is now one of the over 4,000 community PEACE servants in Rwanda who serve in their churches by educating others on primary preventative medicine, HIV prevention, and treatment adherence. Augustin's story is testament to how our greatest ministry is often born out of our greatest hurts.

Watch Augustin share his story of hope in his own words:

If you would like to learn how you can make a difference in your community like Augustin, or if you would like more information on going on a HIV/Healthcare PEACE trip to Rwanda to mobilize local churches to start HIV ministries, call us at 949-609-8555 or email

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