HIV and the Church

Posted by Kay Warren

On December 1, 2016, Saddleback Church joins the global community in recognizing World AIDS Day. In this video (originally on, HIV&AIDS Initiative and Saddleback Church co-founder Kay Warren shares how allowing ourselves to see the way God sees is the first step towards being moved to action to make a difference for people living with HIV and AIDS. If you would like to learn more about next steps in serving people living with HIV locally or globally, join us at Saddleback's Lake Forest campus on Thursday for our World AIDS Day Gathering, or email us at

It’s so easy to get comfortable, to settle in, and to spend all of our time thinking only about frivolous, surface issues. But when you understand the scale and witness the sight of real human suffering, you can’t help but feel moved to say and do something on behalf of those who suffer. Today, tens of millions of people are suffering with HIV and AIDS, and the church can do something about it. But only if we’re willing to be disturbed…

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