HIV and the Church

Posted by Ashley Eure

Did you know that local churches around the globe - including your church - can take a leading role in ending AIDS? The local church is uniquely positioned in the community and called by God to offer compassion, care and real solutions to the sick and those affected by and infected with HIV&AIDS. Regardless of the location or size of your church, there are six simple things your church can do to make a difference

The way your ministry decides to serve in those areas may look unique to your church. If you are a church starting a brand new HIV ministry, you may be wondering where to start. Here are some tips that we have found helpful in the earliest stages of launching a ministry:

Tips for a new HIV Ministry – building your BASE:


1.    Build community. A great place to start is simply by getting the word out in your church and regularly (once a month) gathering together people who may already have a heart for the sick or are impacted by HIV. In these early gatherings, you can share the vision of the ministry, pray for the ministry together, and educate your ministry and congregation about what HIV looks like in your community and around the world.

2.    Assess the local needs & resources within our ministry. Based on who shows interest and joins the gatherings, you will begin to see who God brings to your ministry and what their skills and experiences are. The make up of your ministry, combined with understanding the needs specific to your area, will help determine the direction of our first serving opportunities.

3.    Start small. A great way to begin serving is with “crawl steps” – serving opportunities that require no money and very little training. These type of opportunities, such as forming a team for an AIDS Walk or committing to pray together provide simple, accessible ways for people to become familiar with the ministry and develop a greater heart to serve long term. As your ministry grows, people can be discipled towards greater levels of commitment.

4.    Emphasize relationship. It’s all about relationship, so the goal is to center your ministry’s long-term focus on building relationship with people affected by and infected with HIV. Serving the sick is not about giving “stuff” – it’s about giving ourselves. In relationship we are able to build trust, meet needs, welcome people into a church family, and help each person in our ministry grow closer to Jesus. Depending on need and leadership availability, an early step for your campus may involve setting up a regular support group for those affected and infected.


These are just a handful of ideas as you step out and get started. As you step out in faith with what God has given you, you’ll be amazed with what God can do. We’re here to support you and coach your church through the process! If you would like more information on how your church can consider starting or growing your HIV ministry, email

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