HIV and the Church

The Saddleback HIV&AIDS Initiative is off to reach the world as members head out to the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa July 18-22!  This conference will be hosting over 18,000 scientists, activists, educators, and clinicians and people affected and infected by the virus from all over the globe.

Enthusiastic members of Saddleback’s HIV Initiative will be there to listen to those at the conference.  Their presence will help people know that they matter, both to God and to us.  We aim to help others see how the local church can provide compassion, community, and real solutions as we host a special exhibit at the conference - likely the only exhibit where people will see and meet the church, be heard, and know the love of Christ.  Team members have been trained so that they can make a difference in an area largely neglected by the church.  We hope that people looking for love and hope at the conference will find it at the Saddleback Church HIV&AIDS Initiative booth.  Pray for the team this week!  And, if you are at the conference, come visit us at our booth.

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