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Posted by Joy Hurlow

By Joy Hurlow

What percentage of money from the United States total budget goes to foreign assistance?  Think about that question for a minute.  Truly, what percent of the budget do you think goes outside the United States to help people around the world?   Most people believe it is somewhere between 20-30% of the total budget.

Do you want to know the truth?  The truth is that approximately one percent (1%) of the total United States budget goes to foreign assistance.  One percent!

That one percent goes to help people who are in desperate need of support: people who would die without lifesaving medications; people who would starve without food assistance; people who would contract preventable diseases without vaccinations; and children who would become orphans without their parents being given the right treatment for HIV&AIDS and other treatable diseases.

• That one percent rebuilds countries who have faced tragic natural disasters – to assist in immediate disaster relief and to help countries become financially independent again.

• That one percent lets people all over the world know that the United States is not only concerned about the welfare of its own citizens, but that the United States cares deeply for the welfare of people around the world. 

One percent.  That seemingly small amount of foreign assistance does an unfathomable amount of good. 

When people talk about fixing the United States budget, they often talk about cutting foreign assistance.  If the foreign assistance budget was a 20-30% slice of the fiscal pie, the premise of cutting back may make sense.  But the reality is, if the one percent gets cut, there are literally millions of people in desperate situations whose lives would be devastated.  On top of that, if the one percent is cut, it would not make a dent in fixing the massive budget challenge that the United States faces. 

Because one percent is a moral imperative, cutting foreign assistance is not the answer!

We, the people of the United States of America, have been given so much.  Jesus says, “To whom much is given, much will be required,” Luke 12:48.  The United States must continue its critical effort of caring for people around the world, even if it is only one percent. 

What can you do?

*  Call or write to your Federal Senator and Congressman/Congresswoman, urging them to continue to support foreign assistance.

•  Share with your friends and family the truth that one percent of the United States budget goes to foreign assistance and the incredible good that the one percent does.

• Encourage friends and family to call or write to their Federal Senator and Congressman/Congresswoman.

We must fight for our brothers and sisters around the world to help provide them with the best care, prevention, treatment, and support!

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