HIV and the Church

Caring for those with HIV&AIDS is exactly where Jesus would be today.  Devastating the lives of over 33 million around the world, this pandemic cannot be stopped with out the love and effort from church communities around the world.  If you’re like Saddleback when we first got started you are asking what can the church effectively do.  We have built our ministry on a simple six-step strategy that we invite you to use for your ministry.  The six steps of what every church can do are explained in the CHURCH acrostic below.



C – Care for and Support the Sick

H – Handle HIV Testing and Counseling

U – Unleash a Volunteer Labor Force

R – Remove the Stigma

C – Champion Healthy Behavior

H – Help with HIV Medications

Every CHURCH can and should care for those living with HIV&AIDS.  We’d love to be a resource to you and your ministry.  Please contact us and lets us know how we can help (949) 609-8000 or   

The HIV&AIDS Initiative of Saddleback Church inspires and equips churches around the world to care for those infected and affected by HIV&AIDS, both locally and globally. Through the “CHURCH” strategy, local churches are encouraged to take a leading role in ending AIDS by engaging in prevention, treatment, care and support.  We invite you to spend time on our website to learn more about the CHURCH strategy and access countless resources that can help you have an loving, effective, Christ centered ministry to those who are impacted by HIV&AIDS.


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