HIV and the Church

There is a growing gap in access to healthcare in developing countries around the world.  In the effort to end AIDS this is a significant obstacle that must be addressed.  But how, when there aren’t enough trained healthcare professionals available to meet the need? 

We believe the local church is the answer.  Did you know that most cities and villages without hospitals or clinics have one thing in common?  They have a local church.  Can you imagine what would happen if ordinary people in these churches were mobilized and equipped to meet the basic healthcare needs in their community?!

It’s happening in Rwanda today.  In 2007, by invitation of President Paul Kagame, the HIV Healthcare initiative was launched in Rwanda, as part of Saddleback Church's PEACE Plan.  The strategy is a grassroots effort to dramatically increase access to healthcare through local churches.  Every day Rwandans are successfully bridging the healthcare access gap as thousands of local church volunteers are being trained, linked to existing healthcare systems and mobilized to provide basic health to families in their community.

We believe this is just the beginning.   A movement of God is changing the face of healthcare.  The network of millions of churches around the world is positioned to revolutionize healthcare making it accessible and affordable to billions of those who have never enjoyed it.   Think of the possibilities!  Think of the lives saved.  You can play a role in bridging the healthcare gap at your local church.  Join the HIV&AIDS Initiative Network and lets end AIDS together.

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