HIV and the Church

By Cassie Tomlinson 

HIV Transmission, Myth and Truth…

Many of us erroneously believe that certain, unique people groups or people who live on other continents, in other countries and from other cultures have to worry about HIV/AIDS.  The truth is, anyone can become infected with HIV, because it’s what you and I DO that puts us at risk, not who are or where we live.

Science and Good Sense Agree…

To prevent becoming infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), there are certain activities we can avoid that put us at risk.  The singular, most important activity that poses the greatest threat for contracting HIV is being exposed to the sexual fluids of an HIV+ person through having unprotected sex with him or her.  On this fact, scientific research is clear and irrefutable.  So, it makes good sense to take every precaution that limits or eradicates the risk of transmitting the virus, especially changing our behavior/s.

Safety: Monogamy, Faithfulness and Appropriate Precautions…

Since completely “safe sex” is a myth and while it may seem difficult and completely counter-cultural to do, changing or curbing sexual behavior to avoid transmission could ultimately bring our risk of sexually contracting HIV to almost zero.  

Again, research demonstrates that monogamous relationships either greatly mitigate or completely eradicate transmission of HIV.  If both you and your partner are HIV-, you can stay that way by simply being faithful.  If you are HIV+ and your partner is HIV-, you can maintain your status by being faithful and taking appropriate precautions.  If you are both HIV+, you can almost eliminate the complications associated by being infected with two – or multiple - strains of the virus by being faithful and taking appropriate precautions.

“Save Sex for Marriage:” Spirituality and Security…

The phrase sounds religious and “moralizing,” but it’s scientifically, sensibly and spiritually sound.  When two people stay true to God’s call to abstain from intimate sexual activity before marriage, then come together in commitment to one another to be faithful to each other in marriage, this covenant and accompanying behavior brings their chances of becoming HIV+ to zero.  In fact, “save sex for marriage” brings the likelihood of contracting virtually all STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) to virtually zero.

Being HIV+ and/or developing AIDS is life-altering and complex, yet both are entirely preventable by knowing truth, accepting science and committing to no-to-low-risk behavior.  Completing the circle by connecting with the spiritual vitality of entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ and following after His heart is the added dynamic that integrates it all!

I know the foregoing advice goes against everything we see, hear, and read in culture today.  Yet, Jesus came to earth over 2,000 years ago as a counter-cultural revolutionary in prevailing cultures identical to our own: showing us the way to a better life; saving us from ourselves; and calling us to and for Himself.  This reality is not only keeps us medically safe but puts us on a path evidenced in secure and healthy relationships with our spouses.


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